Grooming your Maine Coon Kitten

Grooming your Maine Coon kitten is an important part of his daily care.

Gorgeous long fur comes with extra risks of matting, which need to be avoided to keep him healthy and happy, as well as looking in peek condition.

From the first days your Maine Coon kitten is home, get him used to being handled and touched by a wide tooth steel comb.

Make sure he becomes acclimated to you running your hands and the comb all over his body, including this legs and belly where the fur can become tangled.

When your Maine Coon kitten is used to being groomed, you can progress to using a finer toothed comb.

Feeding your Maine Coon Kitten

Feeding your Maine Coon kitten the right diet is important.

Feeding a Maine Coon kitten on high protein, low carbohydrate food is recommended. They will grow quickly and should not be given a diet that encourages more rapid growth than their hips can handle.

Ask your breeder before you bring your kitten home, what food they recommend. Some Maine Coon kitten breeders will have fed them on a raw diet, which you might wish to continue to use.